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Holidays and Seasons
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Do you want your house to look holiday or party perfect but just don’t have the time, effort, energy, or talent set to make it happen?  Look no further than Wish and Wonder Decor LLC.   We’ll turn your home into a holiday wonderland, offering design services for everything from mantles and staircases to centerpieces, tablescapes and Christmas trees, or any other areas you can imagine.  


We’ll do the shopping, the decorating, the cleanup, and even the storage if you so desire.  We’ll incorporate your sentimental and family memorabilia pieces into our design and work with anything you have that fits into the look you're going for or we can start completely from scratch.  We offer consultation services to help determine exactly what you’re looking for- from traditional to elegant to whimsical, no matter what look you’re going for we will find the perfect products to bring that look into your home.  You can approve the products beforehand or just let us surprise you with the finished look.   Either way, our goal is for you to walk into your finished space and feel a sense of pride and wonder.

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Our most budget friendly option.  We use your holiday decor and our experience to decorate your space.  We’re happy to follow pictures or design guides from previous years, or start from scratch.  After you get us set up with all your decor and any other instructions, you’re welcome to stay and offer opinions on our work as we go, or leave us alone and come back to see the finished product, whatever your comfort level is.  

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Want a more impressive holiday look on a more affordable budget, or just want to take on the design aspect yourself?  Then take a look at our curated decor packages designed to make “DIY” as “easy as pie”.    If you don’t see a curated collection you love, contact us and we’ll put together a custom collection just like we would do for our full-service clients.  We’ll send you everything you need for the perfect tree, mantle, banister, tiered tray, or centerpiece.  All you have to do is follow our simple tutorial to put it together, or let your creativity flow and put your own spin on it to achieve the look you’ve been aiming for.  Choose from our existing packages or contact us to order a custom curated package.

Commercial Holiday Services
Bar Mitzvah Boy

Are you too busy running your business to take time out to decorate for the holidays in a way that will add value to your clients’ experience and take your business to the next level?  Let us match your holiday decor to your brand image, while you worry about your day-to-day-operations.

Supplemental Holiday Services
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Holiday Take Down

Love the idea of a holiday wonderland but dread having to take it all down until next year?  We've been there and completely identify, which is why we offer a full-service take down service.  Due to demand, we recommend booking this service either at the time you book your design services or on the day of your in-house design.  If you are interested in this service, we can discuss the details during your free consultation for the design service portion of the project.

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Holiday Storage

Want your holiday decor to take up less space in your closet, attic, or wherever else you keep it?  We will gladly store it until the following year.  We can discuss the details during your consultation for the design services.

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